Elena Kotova is a writer and a residential designer.

International financier by her first profession, Ph.D (economics) she held in 1994–2010 senior banking positions in Russia, USA, Europe. Starting mid-nineties she designs residential interior, has obtained second education. About ten years later she started to write prose.

Today Elena Kotova is an author of six fiction novels, many essays, short stories, publicist articles and of over a dozen of real estate projects. Harmony, beauty and distinguished personal style — are the features of all her works, both in literature and in interior design.

The Patriarshy Pond Magic Story

We know that the Patriarschy Pond area has to have a hidden and very unusual story. If you don’t — read “Master and Margarita”. The devil is always around the corner. The flat with four windows facing the pond ought to have something elusive and unspoken. It ought to be classic and classy. Its main melody ought to be its color — noble English undertones of light-grayish-green, rich textured wood floor and devilish sparkles — a fragment of classic black-and-white wallpaper built into a rough brick wall.

Where does the money come from, Karl?

Where does the money come from, Karl?

Alpina Publisher, 2018
Having created six fiction books, Elena Kotova changes her writing genre. Non-fiction, pop-science about economics and economic history. One of those rare books that provides life changing knowledge.
Where does the money come from? How is social wealth created? Does Russia have its own "special path"? The author answers these questions analyzing the most significant theories and the largest reforms of the 20th century, constantly comparing Western countries and Russia.

“Women’s Corporation” in Moscow

Olga Ragozina,
Contrary to popular wisdom which holds that a talented person is talented in all aspects of his or her endeavour, we seldom meet truly poly-gifted people. People with talents in diverse and unconnected areas of our existence are rarer still. Elena Kotova, who has recently published her new book entitled “Women’s Corporation” is one of such rare individuals.
A former Board Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) representing Russia, Belarus and Tajikistan, whose resignation sent ripples through financial and political communities of several nations, Elena Kotova is making her mark as a talented author.
This attractive, exciting and cultivated woman, this serious professional and a true intellectual is writing books (some of which are quite autobiographical) where she avoids giving offence even to those who had been so cruel to her in the past. On the contrary, she has found her very own light and compact style which she deploys to produce filigree prose with most unexpected plot developments. Elena Kotova’s new novel “Women’s Corporation”, like the two previous ones (“Keeping it Easy” and “Newton’s Third Apple”) is a fine piece of writing laced with irony and charm. It tells a story of several friends, all of whom are women, who set up a community which helps them to forestall the symptoms of a ‘certain age’ before they hit it. The women find their second wind, including that of a financial nature, and learn to remain joyful and positive at any age. It must be said that they accomplish all this in a most unusual way!
The novel works and shocks because its daring and provocative plot is an extension of true lives of real women, lives which are dramatic and rife with problems not usually discussed, and most certainly not publically debated.
In a word, the novel is permeated by the phantasmagorical environment we live in, the very same which gave us this exciting new author.
“Women’s Corporation” published by AST is on the shelves of Russian bookstores.