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14.12.11 "Russian Pioneer"
Video version of Elena Kotova's speech at the "Pioneers’ Readings" in «Republic» book-store (Lotte-Plaza, Moscow) (in russian)
17.10.2011 TV channel "Rain", "Coffee Break"
What are the reasons for the protests that swept across the world, and why no one loves financiers, Maria Makeeva figured out with Elena Kotova, former director of the EBRD for Russia.
29.04.2013 The Independent

Well before it opened in 1991, the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development was making headlines for the lavishness of its building, popularly dubbed Jacques Attali’s castle after the first president whose brainchild it was. Over 20 years, though, the Bank, just north of Liverpool Street station in London, has mostly kept itself to itself, its staff quietly beavering away at providing loans for projects across the European Union and beyond. 

While it likes to advertise the good it undoubtedly does, there are some subjects it prefers not to talk about. And one of them is the departure of its former top Russian official, Elena Kotova. Ms Kotova, who was executive director for Russia on the bank’s board of directors from 2005 to 2010, has been in Moscow since she resigned, or was sacked – pick your version – in January 2011. Last month she was committed to a Russian psychiatric hospital, supposedly for tests.

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26.10.2011 Literary Club-Cafe "Color of the Night"
In the novel "Keeping It Easy" Elena Kotova writes about people from the international establishment, which are "keeping easy" in dealing with any adversity. The book reveals to us the privacy of public figures of the three countries of Europe, easy travelers around the world, it is easy for them to go on a romantic adventure, easy to conquer with others and also easy to play with their own lives and the lives of people around.
05.10.2011 RIA Novosti
— Writer, essayist, Ph.D., author of "Keeping It Easy" Elena Kotova;
— A Russian journalist, essayist, editor in chief, "Odnako" ("However"), Mikhail Leontiev;
— Novelist, essayist, playwright, poet, editor of «Literary Gazette» Yuri Polyakov;
— Representative of the Publishing group AST.
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14.03.2012 RBC TV Channel, "Forum"
The companies registered in the Netherlands, need to get in the board of directors at least 30% of women in 3 years. Strict quotas provided by law on gender equality, will begin in 2015. X5 Retail Group, Euroset, Yandex and other major Russian players that have Netherlands "registration" will comply with the new rules. Whether or not is our business ready to the "female factor" and are ladies ready to express themselves? (in russian)
01.03.2012 RBC TV Channel, "Forum"
Russia is finally in the World Trade Organization. The negotiation process lasted for 18 years. During this time the conditions changed as well as the price. Today, as the experts say, there are more obvious political advantages rather than economic benefits. How much will Russia pay for joining the WTO? What surprises await us in the new business realities? (in russian)
02.12.2011 Russia (RTR) TV Channel, "Utro Rossii"
13.11.2011 NTV TV Channel, Talk show "NTVshniki"
31.10.2011 Russia (RTR) TV Channel, "Utro Rossii"
26.10.2011 RBC TV Channel, "Dialogue"
14.10.2011 "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Radio, "Tol'ko u Nas"